MasterCook Matarangi 2016 Event

In order to keep things exciting over the low season in Matarangi with the head chef of the local golf resort we organised an event for the public to entertain them. A cooking show. We invited people from the area to submit their recipe that they would love to cook to a lot of people. Working with the head chef and the kitchen team in the restaurant the applicants actually had to cook their recipe to the public. To a maximum of 60 people to keep the pressure to a minimum. After a full day preparation in the kitchen, two course a main and a dessert have been served at 7pm to 60 hungry ‘judges’.

We have been working on the advertisement materials from scratch this includes the logo, copywriting, photos, graphics and marketing.

Here are some images how the whole marketing started including the back of house work photo 🙂

Then we photographed all the contestants and created individual poster for every one of them. Each week we have promoted next week’s contestant on A3 posters.

And the actual event. The first week become fully booked. People were not familiar with what we actually doing at that stage. But after the first night, people booked the whole event completely out. The word spread like wildfire. We had waiting list for 6 weeks in advance. Occasionally we had 16-18 people on it waiting.

We had live streaming setup from the kitchen while the contestant were working in there.


















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