Makery in the making

Recently I had the pleasure to meet the cool manager and stuff at Budapest Makery. They had already started to make their cooking videos with someone else and because that project cooled off they needed someone to pick up the tread. I had to basically follow the style that was established already and create some of the food making an drink making videos.

Since I recently moved back from overseas I did not have my lighting gear with me for the shooting. It was quite dark in there, light was essential for the shooting. At the Makery they started using lights that they had at hand. I taped some baking paper around those lights to make it nice and soft.

During setup and my morning coffee.

When shooting the drinks we used 2 Canon cameras. One from 90 degree up and another one for giving an angle. Main shots were required from top but with certain moves we had to use complimenting shots (like how much to pour) since with the 90 degree angle you could not see anything.

I use may laptop and the EOS Utility application which is stunningly cool to use so you can see exactly what you shooting.

Céges videó készítése Budapest Makery
I am staring at the EOS Utility monitor while the shooting is on.

With the above setup we were able to catch lights like these… I recon it looks quite nice.

Céges promó videó készítése Magyarországon
This is what a raw image looked like with those lights.
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