Jaguar shooting

Sunday afternoon we have spent a few hours with this beautiful car and its owner. He needed some photos that he could use for promoting his chauffeur services for wedding functions.

Of course we got carried away and we took some extra shots as well that we going to share here.

We also did a few shots that we wanted to retouch later on to create a speeding effect on the final image. We found the right location, found the right angle, setup the tripod and snap. We only used natural light on the final image.

jaguar series selected23-20150823 ws werk

On the left there is the original shot and on the right the final image.

And here are the final images to show off this beauty. Nikon D300s with a Tokina 11-16mm on a tripod in natural light. Right after sunset, to get the reflextion of the yellow light on the right side of the car that creates a nice metallic shine.

jaguar series selected44-20150823 ws


The location of the above images from a different angle and us three at the end of the day.

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