Boruca Tribe – Art Exhibition

We have joined Royner the owner of Kakü Restaurant in Uvita to visit the Boruca people. The Boruca are indigenous people living in the Talamanca mountains in the Puntarenas region.

The Boruca are known for their art and craftwork, especially weaving and their distinctive painted balsa wood masks, which have become popular decorative items among Costa Ricans and tourists. The village we have visited had about 1500 souls living in the community.

We met Kamel Gonzalez, a local artist (painter) who gave us a little tour within the village and its surroundings. Then we visited his brother another artist, who creates these beautiful balsa wood masks, the ones Boruca were famous for.

Here are a few examples of the famous masks that scared the Spaniards away during colonial times.

Royner using his already existing good relationship with the Boruca, is planning to open an exhibition in his restaurant where he is going to display masks and paintings. The name of his restaurant ”Kakü” in Boruca means ”hospitality”.

Kamel then took us to visit one of the local waterfalls and the Boruca musem in town. To finish our day he took us home, where his mum cooked us a delicious Boruca homemade lunch.

To read more interesting facts about Boruca, visit their offical page at

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