Reviews request

for shopographic

Hi there,

Could you write me a few sentences on Google and Facebook? I want to increase my ratings. And for this, customer feedback is essential.
It will help me with my SEO.

I am sending two links:

  1. Google rating.
  2. Facebook reviews.

If you are satisfied with my work, I would like to ask you to write your thoughts. If you write in detail what I helped you with, that will help me in the future big time.

If you could speak about:

  • How reliable was my service?
  • How helpful was the website that I built?
  • What did my help generate for your business?
  • Did I go the extra mile with part of the project?
  • Would you recommend any part of my services that have stood out for you while we worked together?
  • Or anything that you found valuable about my services, you can write down in a review.

Thank you in advance for this.

Both Google and Facebook reviews can be the same. There is no need to write different things in these two places. Just copy the same.

I appreciate your help.
Have a great day!

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